Penny's Board of Directors

Penny has a very merited board of directors with members with a long experience from entrepreneurship, management, economics, marketing, law and production.

Staffan Anger - Chairman of the board
Jan-Erik Lundström Mr Anger has over 25 years of experience from the business community as CEO for different companies in Sweden, Holland, Germany and USA. Staffan has built and taken 70 percents of the world market for radiator bands in coppers, with deliveries to a number of 75 countries. Since 1982 he sits in Västerås's municipal councils and is after 2006 years' election, he is a member of the Swedish Parliament. Mr Anger is a strong resource as the chairman of the board and he has provided Penny to move ahead with its exceptional product through out the years.
Economics or Business School graduate and one MBA from Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm 1971. Reserve officer.
Sture Leandersson - Board Member
Stue Leandersson As the owner and business developer at Råbe Tooling, which has its operations focus on qualified and efficient manufacture of tools and components, Mr Leandersson has a important role in the Penny production planning. Råbe Tooling is an Västerås-based company with high expertise in production technology and has nearly 40 employees. In 2010 Sture sold along with Gunnar Råbe the company Råbe Industikonsult to Rejlers. Sture is now Senior Advisor in the nuclear power at Rejlers, a leading technology consultants in the power sector.
Jan E Lundström - Board Member
Staffan Anger Mr Lundström Sr, has been Enterpriser within Software industry and IT during 18 years, at the most 95 employees with companies on several locations in Sweden, in Los Angeles and in Singapore. Since 2006 President in Penny and also since 2002 an own company within Management and organisation development, writer of several books in the subject. Has been Manager at ABB Man Machine Interfaces for the idustry with several international patents. Finally Mr Lundström Sr also got a background in space rocket science and satellite devices for northern light research in Kiruna, Sweden.
Mariann Lundström - Board Member
Mariann Lundström Mrs Lundström has a long record ad a controller and CFO in several companies. Mrs Lundström is a important resoucre in Penny regarding the company accounting and is working close the the auditor of Penny. Mrs Lundström is also the secretary to the Board and is responsible for all the protocols from the board meetings. Mrs Lundström is still running her own accounting business and is a controller for hire in several well know major companies in Västerås. Before entering Penny she was a Enterpriser together with her husaband Jan-Erik. She also has a background as a controller to the multinational company Vattenfall. Mrs Lundström is an adjunct in several Boards.
Göran Karlsson - Board Member
TechWorld Logga In 1985 Mr Karlsson founded Kvistberga Produkter AB. The company specialized in sales of ramps for disabled people and during the forthcoming 25 years he did build a strong brand with a wide market. Sweden was the largest market but the company did also export its products to 30 countries around the world. In Penny Mr Karlsson has a undoubtable know how in our market segment Healthcare that has disabled people as one of the major targeted users. Mr Karlsson alos has a major know how in production and product development that is of great importance to Penny.
Erik Lundström - Board Member
Erik Lundström Mr Lundström is the founder of Penny and also the innovator of the product C Wear Interactive Glasses™ and has the patent with Penny as owner. Mr Lundström today has visionary and technology role in the company since he left the role as CEO after seven years. Has a background within Brand Management, Marketing Manager and User Interface Architect and User Interface Designer. Studies at the University of Stockholm in Production Management and aldo took courses in Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Have received several awards for his innovative work, the latest in 2011 from the Swedish Institute where C Wear Interactive Glasses was selected one of Swedens twenty hottest innovations.
Peter Ovrin - Adjunct to the board
Peter Ovrin; CEO of Penny with a solid background as a manager in different organisations and corporations. Before Penny, Mr Ovrin was the CEO of Sandvik Powdermet AB Where he also was responsible for the company business development. Before that Mr Ovrin was the CEO ofABB Industry Collegue where he had as his major task to make the school more cost efficient. Mr Ovrin has also done his own journey as an entreprenur where he was behind the company Eyescream@home which had its major market within internet based solutions for real estate corporations. The compnay was sold and changed owners several times and is today owned by Vitec. Mr Ovrin built the company to 60 employees and a turnover of 60 MSEK and offices on six different locations.


Per Vannesjö - Founder and CEO, Amymone AB
Marshall Ferrin CEO och main owner of Amymone AB. Amymone is a family owned company mainly focusing on majority shareholdings in traditional industry companies. In addition, there are some minority shareholdings in younger IT companies. Amymone’s business concept is to use its position as an active shareholder to promote growth and profitability in portfolio companies. Amymone established its current alignment in the middle of 1997. The company currently has 6 subsidiaries which in 2009 had a combined turnover of 700 MSEK (78 MEUR) with 500 employees. The companies have activities in Hedemora, Knivsta, Enånger, Rydaholm, Ockelbo, Gävle, Kalmar, Halmstad, Göteborg, Borås, Varberg and Shanghai. Mr Vannesjös know how in the field of Venture Capital and industry compnanies is of great value to Penny and the Board of Directors.
Marshall Ferrin - Deputy Director, IDEA NEW Project, ACDI/VOCA/USAID
Marshall Ferrin Mr. Ferrin is a highly qualified international business professional by virtue of his exceptional experience working with Information Technology companies, US and foreign Governments and trade associations in international management, marketing and sales in Europe, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Ferrin also provided management and business development leadership for the Mason Enterprise Center’s international Business Accelerator, one of only two multinational incubators in the USA that are exclusively designed to assist both foreign companies and USA firms forge successful business partnerships in the American marketplace. It was during his post at Mason Enterprise Center, Mr Ferrin started to assist Penny to create the first collaborations in the U.S. market.